1. landfilleditions:


    GYURK I wish I’d done a flyer as nice as this one by Joe!!!!!!!!


    Safari flyer.
    Hendrick Goltzius tribute

    *** THIS SATURDAY *** LONDON ***

  2. breakdownpress:

    We are (of course) going to be at Safari Festival on Saturday, and we hope you are too!

    We’ll be joined by Lando, Antoine Cossé, Joe Kessler and Connor Willumsen, and will have the following new, old and reprinted books available:

    Gardens of Glass by Lando
    Mutiny Bay by Antoine Cossé
    Escape to the Unfinished by Joe Kessler
    Flowering Harbour by Seiichi Hayashi
    NWAI by Antoine Cossé
    Treasure Island 1 by Connor Willumsen
    Treasure Island 2 by Connor Willumsen
    Windowpane by Joe Kessler
    Windowpane 2 by Joe Kessler

    See you there!

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  3. safarifestival:

    Safari Festival is only three days away! Here’s the final exhibitor line up.

    See you there!

  4. breakdownpress:

    Escape to the Unfinished, a new collection of illustrations, shorts and snippets by Joe Kessler will be available at Safari Festival this Saturday.

  6. Escape To The Unfinished. New book from Breakdown Press. Launching at Safari Festival. Limited edition

  7. breakdownpress:

    Joe Kessler’s poster for the Mutiny Bay/Gardens of Glass launch party at Gosh! London. Let us know you’re coming on Facebook here.

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  9. klaus-comics:

    A sumptuous piece of Klaus fan art from artist, model and model comics-artist Joe Kessler

    You can email me at richard.t.short@googlemail.com if you have any Klaus art burning a whole in your desktop. Or email me anything else - nice or nasty, I’ll happily receive it all.